PhD Dissertation Introduction Writing Step by Step

An introduction is the first chapter of your PhD dissertation and it should be written just after the table of contents. In the introductory section of the PhD dissertation, you will have to present a strong beginning of your topic. 

With the help of the introductory section of your dissertation, you will have to set the stage for the readers by clearly explaining the focus, purpose and direction of your topic idea. It will also provide an idea to the readers about the specific aspects of your dissertation topic. 

You can hire expert writers of the PhD dissertation writing services to get a custom solution to your PhD dissertation introduction. Some essential tips to write PhD dissertation introduction are given below;

1) Starting your introduction

No doubt, an introduction is the first chapter of your dissertation, but there is no need to write it before other chapters of the dissertation. Anyhow, you can prepare a draft of the introductory chapter and you should follow this abstract while creating other chapters of your dissertation. While writing the other chapters of your dissertation, you should match the outline of your introduction in order to make sure that the content of your introductory chapter is matching with the content of the other parts of the dissertation.

2) Topic and context

In the first two or three sentences of the introductory chapter, you should try to introduce your topic. After that, you should provide the necessary background information about your topic idea. This introduction of the topic and background information in the first few sentences of the introduction is the best way to generate interest of the readers. It is also an essential way to show your readers about the importance of the topic.

3) Focus and scope

After generating the interest of the readers by introducing your topic, the next step is to narrow down your focus and try to provide a clear overview of the scope of your research. You can easily provide an idea about the scope of your research by providing the answers to the following questions;

  • How to investigate the main problem of your dissertation?
  • What is the time period to complete your research process?
  • What are the communities and geographies that you are researching?
  • What are the main aspects of the dissertation topic that you are going to research in your dissertation?

4) Relevance and importance

In the introductory section of your PhD dissertation, it is also necessary for you to provide an idea about the motivation of doing your research. You should also try to explain what new insights you are going to explore in your dissertation and what is the relation of these new insights with the existing content. You can easily add relevance and importance in the introductory section of your dissertation by providing answers to the following questions;

  • What is the current state of the research?
  • What is the most relevant literature review relevant to your topic idea?
  • How to indicate the gap in the research?
  • What is the purpose of the new understanding of the topic?

5) Questions and objectives

There are some questions and objectives for your dissertation. These questions and objectives should also be briefly explained in the introductory section of your dissertation. This is the best way to set up the expectations of your dissertation. The central aim of your research should also be explained in the introductory section of your dissertation. A brief explanation of your research methodology should also be expressed in it. If the aim of your research is to test the hypothesis, it is also necessary for you to formulate it in the introductory section of your dissertation.

Checklist for introduction

After writing an introduction, you should also make sure that either you have fulfilled all the components of your dissertation or not. For this reason, you should take an overview of this checklist.

  1. You have introduced the topic and its context.
  2. You have clearly defined the scope and focus of your research.
  3. You have demonstrated the relevance and scope of your research.
  4. You have formulated the research questions
  5. You have stated the specific objectives of your research
  6. You have included the conceptual framework and hypothesis of your dissertation


The main aim of writing an introductory section of a PhD dissertation is to introduce your topic idea and to provide the context of your dissertation. While writing an introductory section, you will have to define the scope and focus, you will have to demonstrate the relevance and scope and you will have to state the objectives of your dissertation.



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