What Are Peer-Reviews? Tips on Getting Connected To Top Journal Editors

Peer Reviews
As a researcher, you will write a lot of work. This work will show your dedication and love for the knowledge. But, you will always think of publishing your work. It is a step that will lead you to the next level of research. You will need peer reviews for publishing your work. It is a process the will check the quality and originality of your work before publishing. You will submit your work to a journal for publishing. Before publishing, they will check either it meets the criterion of publishing or not. After meeting the criteria, the next step is selecting the peer reviews. They will select the potential peer reviews within your research field. There are four different types of peer reviews that a journal can select. Those are:
  • Single-blind Peer
  • Double-blind Peer
  • Open Peer
  • Transparent Peer
A journal can use any of these for publishing your work. This article aims to discuss about peer reviews especially for graduate dissertation writing. Apart from this, it will also discuss how you can contact top journal editors from your field. So, let’s discuss in detail:

Try To Contact Editors Directly:
It is one of the most important tips for to connect with top journal editors in your field. There are several ways in which you can contact them for peer review. You can try to contact them via email. You can also contact them after making calls to them. Apart from this, you can send them letters. In these different means of contact, you can explain your area of research. You can also explain to them your expertise and ask them for publication. This way, you will be able to directly contact them for your publication.

Join Researcher Networks:

Another tip for connecting to top journal editors is joining the researcher network. You can search for online networks of researchers and editors. You should make sure to search these networks in your relevant field. After finding the right and suitable network, you should sign up. This way, you will reach out to editors and researchers related to your research field. There are several networks like ResearchGate that you should join. If you are looking for a unique researcher identifier, you should join ORCiD. Apart from this, you should join Publons for connecting with peer reviews.

Attend Conferences:

Attending conferences is another pro-tip for connecting with top editors. Many editors attend these conferences. So, you should attend these conferences to connect with journal editors. These editors will attend these conferences as an audience. Sometimes, they are in the panel of such conferences. PhD dissertation writing published a research study about reaching journal editors. It stated that attending conferences is an effective way to connect with editors. But, you should make sure to attend conferences related to your area of research. Editors related to your field will attend these conferences, and you will meet them. Later on, you can talk to them in person for peer review.

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Complete Peer Review Training:

If you want to connect with editors, you should also complete peer-review training. Again, there are several ways in which you can complete this training process. You can attend in-person workshops. This way, you will learn from experienced reviewers and editors. Apart from this, you can join Publons Academy. It offers a free and practical peer review training course. In this training, you will get your hands on the review template. You will also access example reviews to write peer reviews. In this academy training, you will connect with journal editors. They will also give you valuable feedback for your publication.

Get Recommendations:

It is another pro-tip to get in touch with journal editors. You can talk to your teachers and professor about your publication. They will help you connect with editors. Apart from this, you can get help from your colleagues and friends. They can also help you in this regard. You can also talk to other researchers. They can also help you connect with the best journal editor. So, these are several different ways of getting recommendations. This way, you will meet editors for peer review. You should not hesitate to ask for recommendations as it will be a big opportunity for you.


This article discussed about peer review. It is a process the will check the quality and originality of your work before publishing. This article also discussed tips for getting connecting with top journal editors. You should follow these steps to connect with editors for peer review.