How To Conduct Field Research Study? A Useful Guide For Researchers

Conduct Field Research
Research studies are conducted to discover something new in the field of evolving technology. There can be different purposes for conducting a field research study for dissertation. For different purposes, you have to work on a specified type of study that can address the designed issue in a better way. In research, the achievement of end goal is the primary concern of every researcher. Based on the research problem, you can have a simple as well as very complex kind of research study for your dissertation.

There can be field research study, which is easy to handle. In contrast, there can be multiplex research, including an in-depth evaluation of the issue with excellent observation. In multiplex research, the chances of risk are high. Also, you have to be an experienced researcher to have the best end results. Here, you can take the example of research that cover lab testing. Medical and clinical researches are also tricky to conduct. One of the most straightforward tasks is field research. Therefore, this article is supposed to dive into the field research study.

What is Meant by Field Research Study?

First of all, there should not be any confusion related to the field research study. Its definition, purpose, and essential must be clear to you. It is a systematic approach of getting in-detail information from respondents. There can be open-ended as well as close-ended questions. Based on the research type, you have to see which type of question is best to address the designed problem. In the case of close-ended questions, you can get numeric data. It is easy to handle and analyze. With the results of analysis, you can check the impact of a particular happing on a targeted area.

On the other hand, open-ended questions work well to get the audience's opinion. From responses, you can find many recommendations for your study area. In both types of cases, you have to collect first-hand data.

What is the Best Way to Conduct Field Research Study?

In research work, a large sample size refers to more meaningful results. Sometimes you have the chance to go for the sample size of your choice. In contrast, there are some research problems that require a large sample size. A large number of respondents help you get more valid results, and you can represent them with high confidence. For dealing with large bundles of data, you can use field research study. Field research is an approach to collecting data from a targeted audience and then analyzing it to get the best results. In every research method, you have to follow a designed path. You do not have a choice to go for your desire, but as a researcher, you need to follow the standards. The following steps are supposed to follow while conducting a field research study:

Search for the Reliable Researchers

First of all, you have to search for credible and reliable researchers who have conducted the field research study. In this way, you can better understand things. As you are a novel researcher, so you may lack exact information. In case you do not find any senior researcher, you can consult with Dissertation Writers UK. Here, you can find experienced researchers in any field. Select any researcher of your choice and ask for guidance.

Define the Topic of Research

There are some qualities that your dissertation topic must have. Therefore, while finding the best topic idea for a field research study, you should also consider these qualities in the topic of dissertation, like time frame, discipline, popularity, and broadly interdisciplinary.

Read general background information on the area that interests you the most. This is an important way to generate a topic for the field research study. If you are interested in artificial intelligence, then do research on this, see what articles are available, and go through them to get general background information.

In this regard, the literature review can help you very well. From the research gaps, you can find an authentic topic of discussion for research.

Determine the Suitable Research Method

This is the third and most important step in a field research study. In this step, you have to determine which of the research method is best for conducting research. The selected method of research should meet the right ends of study, and it must help you achieve the designed objective of study. For field research study, the best method is quantitative, which demands numeric data for research.

Collect Data from Field

One of the best ways to collect data for a field research study is through surveys. There are different types of a survey based on medium. In the case of medium, the following methods are best to use:

Online Survey Research Method:

In survey research methods, you can see high use of an online medium. Sometimes, researchers use it as a cost and time-effective way to conduct research. On the other hand, it can be the only way to collect data for research.

Face-To-Face Data Collection:

It is one of the ways to get factual data, but it may not be budget-friendly for you. In a face-to-face survey for field research study, you can conduct an interview. The interview can be in group formation as well. In the case of a group survey, you can save money, effort, and time.


When you have to cover multiple areas, the phone is an effective medium. No doubt, it requires way more effort and time to get responses. The main point is that you can cover different sections of the population for a field research study.

Analyze Data And Define Results Of Study

The final step is to analyze data and make a document having the results of data analysis. This step can be tricky to handle, so you do it perfectly for better performance.

Final Thoughts

There is no compulsion for the question type in this field research study. You can go for any question type. Sometimes, you are unable to get the objective of research with one question type. In this case, you can use a blend of close-ended questions and open-ended questions. The selection of the right methods is also necessary for a field research study. By following the above-mentioned points, you can better deal with field research.