How important is an appropriate referencing to get an A for your assignment

Referencing allows a person to recognize the involvement of other writers and scholar in your work. In university assignments it’s important to do referencing if student wants to gain good marks. Referencing is also a way to give recognition to the writers’ work from whom the quotations and ideas have been borrowed. By referencing the work properly of a certain researcher one admit and respect the rational property rights of that researcher. By doing a proper referencing one can get good grades in the university.

Referencing is important because it is the foundation of academics. In the academic assignments, student look at suggestion and reason to cover it and for that they take already established, or thought. With the help of that thought they try to create new knowledge and for that they must cite their sources accurately. Referencing is important for getting good grades because of three main reasons. Firstly referencing makes a document original and theft free. When a document is properly referenced then it is considered to be plagiarism free. A writer who writes proper references and citation gives credit to the person who initiated that idea. By seeing that a document is original, professor or instructor ultimately gives marks to the student.

Secondly, if anyone uses someone else's idea without giving credit, he violates that person's ownership of the idea. It is a way of providing evidence to support the statements and claims in your own assignments. By citing experts in your assignment a person is showing that he is aware of the field given to him. The referencing shows a person is exceling in his field and allow to sail across through the chosen assignment just like sailors navigate it by seeing stars.  This gave a good impression to the professor and he undoubtedly gives you an A in your assignment. Thirdly keeping track of sources is important because academics value being able to trace the way ideas develop.

It is an acknowledgement of others’ work in the area which is written and it places the works in the context of current research. Proper referencing will allow a person to explore the original publication to trace the way the idea has developed. And it also makes your research more credible among the current researches. In general, scholars must be able to trace how ideas develop in order to consider, think about, and test them accurately. These three reasons suggest why it is important both referencing the source and to use them well. And neither one is easy. One can learn how to cite, when to cite, and why to cite throughout your college career.

References should always be correct. That allows the readers to trace the sources of information that have been used. Referencing is considered to be very important in front of a professor and for a writer too. A proper referencing can give a student A grades and can make his assignment amongst best. Assignment Writing Service