How to Pay More Attention to the Lectures During The Class

How to Pay Attention
Writing an assignment is different than attending a lecture. Usually when you are writing an assignment you are sitting in the comfort of your home. But when you are attending a lecture you are required to use your complete presence of mind and put all your focus on your professor. But when you are writing constantly so that you don’t miss anything, your concentration is diverted for a brief moment while you are taking the notes. It can never happen that you have your 100% attention in the lecture and you are also writing the notes, you can either write notes and ignore your professor for brief moment or you can pay attention to him while taking meaningless notes, it is as we say ‘the struggle is real!’.

But there are ways you can work things out for the better and make sure that at the end of the day you have sufficient notes to write your assignment when you reach home. A very easy solution for your problem and to make sure that you pay your complete attention to your lectures is to not takes notes that much and give all your attention to your professor. If you are not able to get a perfect solution, you can get assistance from PhD dissertation writing services that can assist you with your lectures.

By not taking notes it is mean that you use Dictaphone in the class and keep it closes to where you teacher stands. When you do that, you can be sure that the lecture is also being recorded. You still need to note a few things down such as, when the professor says something that you needed to know again and you missed that chance o raise your hand and ask it, you can scribble it down and scribble everything that you need to recheck in the Dictaphone specially.

When you reach home, you can hear the lecture all over again and take notes from the lecture and use whatever you want in your assignment writing later. This is the best way to focus and be a part of the lecture instead of writing like mad and miss a few things here and there. Even when you are taking notes you can’t write down every other thing and remember it while assignment writing or any other coursework but when you have it recorded you can peacefully sit at home and hear it and write it all down.

You can easily concentrate on the class and ask questions instead of writing all the while. Be sure to ask permission before doing so, most teachers know that this is a thing and students require o do so to make the most out of the lecture so being careful is suggested. But remember that there is no use of making notes and working work hard on them if you are writing them down to forget about them later. Always take out your notes and go through them to find our and remember what you have lying around so that it can be used in assignment writing easily.