Describe About Undergraduate Dissertation

An undergraduate dissertation is an extended and essential piece of writing that requires an independent research and it is usually written on a single subject. An undergraduate dissertation is typically written in the final year of the degree. It is necessary for you to conduct an in-depth research about a narrow topic. It is also necessary for you to write an undergraduate dissertation in the professional structure and format according to the guidelines of the supervisor. An undergraduate dissertation should be written with critical and novel thinking.
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Requirements of the undergraduate dissertation

The requirements of the undergraduate dissertation are given below;

a) The first requirement of the undergraduate dissertation is to select an interesting and attractive topic. This topic should be well-defined, clear, and have current importance.

b) It is also necessary for you to find a supervisor for your undergraduate dissertation. Different universities have different criteria to allocate the supervisors to their students. You should follow the criteria of your university in order to select the supervisor for your dissertation.

c) An undergraduate dissertation demands some early research. Therefore, the students should try to conduct an effective research about the dissertation topic in the summer vacations.

d) Most of the universities demand research outline at the start of the 3rd year. A research outline is basically a brief draft of your dissertation and the length of this draft is only 2-3 pages. It is necessary for a student to provide a summary of all the chapters of the dissertation along with the bibliography in the research outline.

e) There is a refined research and findings in the undergraduate dissertation. You should try to submit at least one draft before the deadline in order to get some time for the further revisions.

f) The final dissertation should be written in the professional structure and format about the requirements of the supervisor or university.

g) Your dissertation should be submitted after proper binding.

These are the few requirements of the undergraduate dissertation that you should keep in mind while writing the undergraduate dissertation.

The marking criteria for the undergraduate dissertation is almost the same as the other aspects of the undergraduate degree like final exams, assignments, and coursework. It is necessary for the students to get at least 40 marks to pass. However, the students can get the higher marks too. If a student gets 60-69 marks, then he/she will get B grade. On the other hand, if a student gets more than 70 marks, then he/she will get A grade.

An undergraduate dissertation is different from the post graduate dissertation in many aspects. The biggest difference between the undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations is that an undergraduate dissertation is shorter in length than the postgraduate dissertation. The content used in the undergraduate dissertation is less original than the postgraduate dissertation. The methods to conduct research for the undergraduate dissertation differ from the postgraduate dissertation.

To write an undergraduate dissertation is not an easy task for the students. If the students are not able to write an undergraduate dissertation, then they can contact with the dissertation writing services in order to get the custom written dissertation.