What Can The Excessive Smoking Cause?

The process in which we inhale and exhale the smoke of tobacco or any other drug is known as smoking. Almost all the people are well aware of this fact that smoking can become a cause of various diseases like cancer and asthma etc. Moreover, smoking can also shorten the life of a person for almost 10 years. That’s why the cigarette companies are not allowed to advertise on TV, Radio and Newspaper etc. Moreover, there is a ban on smoking in public places. To write an essay about the excessive causes of smoking, you can get help from dissertation writing services. The causes of excessive smoking are given below;

1)      Circulation
The tar of the cigarette enters into the blood of a smoker and this tar can affect the blood circulation in various ways like it can increase of chances of clot formation, the blood pressure and heartbeat of a person increases and it can also decrease the amount of Oxygen in the blood. These various changes in the blood circulation can become a cause of heart attack or stroke.
2)      Heart
Smoking can badly affect the heart of a smoker. There is Carbon Mono Oxide and nicotine in the smoke and both of these put a strain on the heart. As a result of this strain, the heart has to work hard and the heartbeat of a person increases.
3)      Stomach
Nowadays, smokers also face ulcers. It is known as stomach cancer. Its main cause is that smoking can become a cause of reflux. If you are an excessive smoker, you can also face a problem of kidney failure. According to research, the smokers who smoke 10 cigarettes in a day can face 50% more chances of kidney failure than the non-smokers.
4)      Skin
Our body provides Oxygen to our skin. While smoking, this supply of Oxygen to the body is disturbed and the skin of a smoker ages more quickly and it looks grey and dull. There are also some toxins in a cigarette which can also become a cause of cellulite. The smokers also get facial wrinkling more quickly than the non-smokers.
5)      Bones
Due to smoking, the bones of a smoker also become weak and brittle. The women can face this problem more quickly and adversely than the men.
6)      Brain
The smokers can also face a brainstorm. The result of this brainstorm can be in the form of brain damage or death. A smoker also increases the 50% chances of a brainstorm than a non-smoker.
7)      Lungs
The smoking also lasts some adverse impacts on the lungs. Due to the disturbance in the lungs, a smoker can face a cough, cold, wheezing and asthma etc. Lung cancer and COPD are also some diseases which occur due to smoking. The COPD can badly affect the quality of life of a smoker.
8)      Mouth and throat

The smoking can also last some adverse impacts on the mouth and throat of a smoker. As a result, the sense of taste of a smoker is affected and he has to face some problems like bad breath and stained teeth.