Are Punishments For Sex Crimes Fair?

Punishments For Sex Crimes
If a person keeps sexual relations with another person without his/her consent, this is known as rape or sex crime. Different states have different laws for persons who are accused of rape or other sex crimes. There are some countries that provide harsh penalties to persons who are convicted of sex crimes. Most of the people ask a question that ‘Are punishments for sex crimes fair?’. The answer to this question is ‘Yes’. Here, experts of coursework writing services will discuss why punishments for sex crimes are fair.

First of all, they deserve to be punished. Its reason is that every person has his/her own life and he/she is free to live his/her life according to his/her own desires. If a person is accusing sex crimes with another person, it means that he is interfering in the life of others. Therefore, it is necessary for us to give punishment to such kind of criminal.

For example, if we don’t give punishment to these criminals, it means that we are providing them with a free hand to commit themselves more crimes. Therefore, we can also say that if we want to stop a person from committing further crimes, it is an unavoidable thing to us to punish him.

If we don’t punish such a person, he will think that these kinds of harms are allowed in society. Moreover, other people also think that they should also commit these kinds of harms because they will not be punished after committing these kinds of harms like the other persons. As a result, an unbalance will be created in the society. Therefore, punishment for a sex crime is also necessary to tell the criminals that these kinds of harms are not allowed in society. Due to the punishment of a person, other people will also try to keep themselves away from these kinds of harmful acts.

The people who are committing sex crimes or other types of crimes are known as dangerous people. These dangerous people are a threat to society. The only way to get rid of this threat is to give punishment to them.

After taking the punishment for his crimes, an offender thinks that there should be some amendments in his harmful activities. On the other hand, if we don’t give them punishment, he will never try to bring some amendments to his harmful activities.

No doubt, each country has its own laws and regulations. It is necessary for the residents of a country to follow these laws and regulations. Moreover, they also know that if they break any law, they will be punished. With the fear of punishment, almost all people try to follow these laws. On the other hand, if we don’t provide punishments of these laws, they never try to follow these laws. Therefore, we can also say that if we want to enforce sex crime laws in society, we have to punish the sex criminals.

To sum up, we can say that a country should set some goals for giving punishment and try to achieve these goals by giving punishments to the criminals.